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The Develop Mobile Day sessions are being updated at the moment.  Please check back for new sessions and speaker information.

Keynote announcements are on their way! Keep checking for updates.

Bringing a big screen superstar to the small screen: Tomb Raider on mobile
Simon Prethrose, Eidos

Lecture, 45 minutes

Description to follow.

Developing mobile games: Big thrills, small screens and mass audiences
Jami Laes, Digital Chocolate
Lecture, 45 minutes

The lecture discusses the following themes:
- How to tackle the downfalls of mobile game development
- How to create compelling game play experiences that do not only fit but exploit the mobile medium
- How to create games that capture a large global audience and appeal to masses

What makes a successful mobile games development studio?
Kristian Segerstråle, Glu mobile
Lecture, 45 minutes

Tier-one mobile game publishers are putting increasing pressure on developers to create games that can be leveraged across global distribution channels and fit into their plans of growing the market. What does this mean for developers? How do you as a developer create and position your products in order to make it attractive for publishers? How should you approach the requirement for global distribution on 100+ carriers worldwide, 320+ unique handsets, 2,400+ individual SKUs, 10+ languages, and multiple operating systems? What are the implications for game design and innovation? This presentation will provide mobile game developers with an insight into what the defining trends are in the publishing market and what developers need to know in order to create tomorrow's successful mobile games.

Opening the non-portal gateway
Paul Mumford, Player X

Description to follow.

Why mobile is the new handheld
Tim Closs & Thor Gunnarson, Ideaworks3D
Lecture, 45 minutes

If you think mobile gaming is stuck with Java and 2D, think again. Current high-end handsets have capabilities somewhere between PS1 and PS2, and over the next two years, 75% of handsets worldwide will be able to play PS1-quality games, augmented by all the benefits of the mobile device.

Ideaworks3D is arguably the world leader in developing cutting-edge 3D connected mobile games and mobile gaming technology. This two-player presentation explores the most exciting prospects in current and next-gen mobile game development, from both business and technical perspectives. Examples to be explored include the convergence between mobile phones, music players and handheld gaming devices, as well as the momentum towards high-performance native (C++) development and the ability to target all devices from a single code-base.

Anyone taking an interest in the potential of high-end mobile games will find plenty of food for thought here. 

Business, technical and art leads looking to make sense of the current mobile and handheld landscape, with an eye on the most profitable course for future cross-platform development.

Attendees take away an informed picture of the current and future development realities involved in making console quality 3D connected mobile games. The session should be an inspiration to developers looking to create the next generation of high-end mobile games.



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